Irina Buruiana

Therapist / Coach
Learning Designer

Nice to meet you!

I am Irina, Therapist, Life coach and Learning designer. I facilitate science-based interventions for people to reach their full potential, live a meaningful life and create deeper connections with their environment.

I guide those that want to better understand their behaviors, cognitions, and emotions.

To move beyond their expectations, in their relationships, career, and health.

To design a life that they will never regret.

To create the impact that they want to see in their environment.


Meaningful relationships where
you show up as the real you


A life where failure and shame are sources of aliveness and success


Learn and redesign your experiences for achieving the best present results


Leading oneself with consciousness and empathy for leading others towards success and happiness

What is the difference between the ones that fully live
and the ones that don’t?

Their background, their opportunities, their economic situation, their personality?

None of those.

It’s their belief in themselves and the way they perceive their environment.

It’s the story that they have created in their life.

We are all a result of our past, present, and future. Of our beliefs, emotions, and actions.

If we want a change, we need to act upon our perception of reality.


When we take control over the story we form around ourselves,
we redefine our entire reality.

In my work as a coach and a therapist, I see the entire range of emotions,
from pure happiness to utter anger.

I encounter problems like dissatisfaction in relationships, frustration in one’s career, the regret of passing opportunities, of lost possible interactions, not living with passion in your career, relationships.

I see people not knowing themselves at all, what they want, where they want to go, what they like, dislike.

People not knowing their boundaries when it comes to professional life, interactions, romantic relationships. At the same time, I encounter people not knowing their potential,
what they could achieve and what they are capable of.

I call it: Beautiful, successful stories that are still waiting to be written

I’ve developed skills and abilities to guide people in their own way, using science-based tools coming from different backgrounds: NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), Gestalt, Neuroscience, and Psychodrama.

I see myself in a beginners mindset: always learning and discovering, while acknowledging my progress.

I love seeing people making sense of their reality and bringing awareness to their present moment. Making the best out of this life!

I want people to have coherence and clarity in their life.

I want to live in a world where “the end” is an opportunity for celebrating life,
where people look back and feel peaceful, happy, and proud of living till the end.

I want people to live every memory with a smile on their face and be proud
of writing such a beautiful story.

I want people to take full advantage of their life and what it brings!

About Irina

For the past 10 years, I have been working with strong individuals in training settings and individual/ group coaching and therapy.

Understanding what makes them feel alive, understanding their process and developing cognitive and emotional abilities to redesign the interaction with their reality.

I was surprised to observe that people with amazing potential, grit, resilience, and courage, hide in their context and are lead by regret, dissatisfaction, negative interactions, and restlessness.

I commit to making this journey called life, worth living!

Find out more about my Coaching and Therapy styles,
my Learning Design and Ultreia Camino project through the links below.

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Coaching and Therapy

Do you want to understand why you repeat the same unwanted behaviors and how to change them?

Are you ready to bring more quality to your relationships and to be a source of energy and inspiration?

Do you want to understand yourself better and to be able to design your environment how you desire?

Do you want to better understand your emotions and use them as a source of inspiration, charisma, and success?

Learning Design

Do you want to design a learning environment where everyone feels comfortable and safe to explore?

Ready to bring resilience to your projects
and have a more sustainable impact?

Do you want experiential methods that
increase the learning outcomes of your participants?

Ready to upgrade the quality of your leadership by knowing yourself more and learning how you can make a difference?


Do you want to stay up to date with science-based tools for empowerment, leadership, therapy, and resilience?

Are you curious about my experiences in the world of training, coaching, personal development, and psychology?

Do you want to see what others are doing in designing a sustainable and fulfilling life?

Are you up for some inspiration from time to time to make you go for what you desire?


Do you want to learn more about other opportunities to develop yourself and the impact you can have upon your reality and the world?

Are you ready to experience how you can change your behavior and have the desired impact?

To get in touch with conscious, high driven communities that live life to its fullest?

To see how resilience can be developed in a training setting?

This warm-hearted psychologist helped me return to my roots, reawaken my passion for music,
and took me on a complex discovery of who I was, am & want to become.

Petra Rakic

Singer-Songwriter , Petrix @petrixmusic

Irina is a gifted, passionate and compassionate coach and psychologist that guides you to find and move in your own rhythm, in a way that it true to the real you. She uses intuition and creativity, but also many down-to-earth exercises that help you track your journey. Irina really walks the talk and will inspire you to dare walk your personal story as well.

Kathrin Renner


Coaching with Irina was a blessing. In a challenging time, the coaching helped me to re-evaluate my situation and set the foundations for creative work that I had previously planned on pursuing, but had not started.

Dorothee Karemer


Working with Irina has been a true pleasure for me, for several reasons:
– She has given me tools I can use by myself. I loved this empowerment: the coaching itself was only a couple of months but the impact is ongoing (over a year now).
– She is a genuine and loving person. On top of that an absolute professional who knows what she’s talking about.
– Great flexibility, working through Skype. At first I was hesitant about whether this would/could work but it definitely did!

Eline van Breukelen

From the very beginning, Irina has been understanding and just pushy enough for me to get over some serious hurdles. With her help, I’ve been able to reset some serious issues.
I almost don’t want the day to arrive when she tells me that we’re done! 

Orana Velarde

Freelancer / Artist / Renaissance Nomad