Coaching is an act of self-love and an investment in yourself!

coaching and therapy

Coaching and Therapy can help in the following ways

  • Upgrade the quality of your relationships

Bring more consciousness to your patterns of interaction and learn how to change the undesired ones.


  • More intimacy and satisfaction into your life

Bring creativity and vulnerability into you personal relationships.


  • Inner power/grit/ drive

Get to know your triggers and use them as a source of success.


  • Redesign negative patterns

Change your behaviors by changing your inner talk.

  • Authenticity

Get to know yourself and stand behind everything that you are.


  • Resilience

Understand your past to redesign a brighter future.


  • Growth Mindset

Use challenges as opportunities to grow and redesign your reality.


  • Unstuck yourself

Understand what is blocking you and move beyond that.

Relationships enhancer

Understanding attachment patterns

Developing your style of communication

Bringing intimacy and meaning to your interaction

Emotional resilience accelerator

Understanding the language of emotions

Developing coping strategies

Understanding the connection “situation-thought-emotion & behavior”

Inner Leadership booster

Going from inner to outer leadership

Developing a mindful, conscious and purposeful  leadership

Developing your own way of leading from micro to macro environments

Complete the Coaching application


I only take a limited number of clients per year and I work with people that:

  • Are 100% ready and committed to change/upgrade their life and their relationships
  • Are eager to see change happening in their life (professional and personal)
  • Are curious and willing to explore the world of self-development, coaching, and therapy
  • Are responsible for their own process

If you believe and feel you are that person, send your coaching application. 

I will make sure to personally answer to your request and together, find the most convenient way to collaborate!!

If you are ready to redesign your life, I am ready to support you!

if you would like to answer these questions ‘in person’ schedule a 20 min discovery call with me, through the schedule at the bottom of the page.