Learning is the secret of having a healthy mind

Learning Design

Learning Design provides an interactive, experiential space for learning and engaging in a group experience. When designing a learning context, I take into consideration participants’ needs, as well as all the channels of processing information (visual, auditory, sensory, olfactory).

I use an experiential methodology focusing on results and future implementation

Every learning experience has the value of developing a growth mindset.

In Learning Design I focus on the full project management cycle, from planning to evaluation and support, and integrating the Design Thinking approach for innovation.

I bring an intercultural approach to the entire learning experience, through my work in Africa (Morocco, Kenya, Zambia) and various countries in Europe. Having this approach the integration of concepts and the results are more sustainable and applicable in today’s society.

Since several years I am developing women empowerment programs (social incubator in Morocco) focusing on building resilience, as well as Train the Trainers programs with a focus on designing inclusive learning spaces.

I am involved in a long term project called The Arc, a leadership bootcamp that coaches young visionaries to a level where their impact is inspirational to themselves and others. I also developed my own initiative, Ultreia Camino, a one week long incubator using long distance walking along th Camino de Santiago, as a tool for empowerment, self reflection and behavioral change.

I am always excited for developing new initiatives or joining impactful projects. Drop me a message and we will be in contact!